MBBS at Rural Medical College is one of the best decisions of any student as the college has been serving society since 1984. It provides the student, meaningful education and skilful research learning. The college has grass root level of community members who try their level best to encourage students with up-to-date knowledge. Students are taught health science manpower when comes to practical training. The college has been innovated in the academic and research section and has attained the tag of a Deemed University in the year 2006. The students gain the capacity for skilful learning while co-operating with the faculty members. The college offers 5 medical programmes and all are taught on a single campus. Direct MBBS at Rural Medical College 

Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil had determined efforts to make MBBS at rural Medical College exclusive and disciplined. He believed not only in making the students professional but also in a generous human being. The idea of this institution was to provide the chance to the rural needy aspirants. 


MBBS at Rural Medical College gives a great chance to students to indulge themselves in spiritual and practical research. They involve in medical research with the point of rural health care. We provide  MBBS at Rural Medical College through management quota.The college is independent in funding the research h programme. Each and every faculty member involved in the research section and helping the students with full potential. The college has large numbers of researched projects. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Project on Parma-co-genetics by the faculty member.
  2. Submitted 20 human GAS 6 gene nucleotide sequence.
  3. The GAS 6 nucleotide sequence was released by NCBI-USA in its nucleotide data bank.
  4. DNA bank of Japan and ENBL-EUROPE also accepts these genes sequence.
  5. ‘Estimation of cell-free DNA in cancer patients’ was another project released by the college in October 2016.
  6. Another project by the college was ‘genetic Analysis of HLA Polymorphism in Tribal and Non-Tribal population of Maharashtra’.
  7. Tulika Mittal, a faculty of Rural Medical College has done a study of emergence from anaesthesia following induction with genes polymorphisms like CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and CYP3A4.


  • The college is a pioneer in programme based learning. The teaching method of the faculty is community-oriented. The educational experts usually visit the college for guest lectures.
  • The college focuses on professional nourishment. It employs an integrated approach to student learning.
  • The infusion of community and academic partnership is one of the important factors which make it exclusive. The students here believe in building and nurturing each other’s strength. Rural Medical College never leaves an occasion to celebrate public health and social importance.
  • The outreach method is used in learning. The students practically reach out to rural areas to know about the health of the people.
  • Students are given projects and assignments to keep up with regular academic practice.
  • The college has a communication and media centre which is equipped with advanced media and information technology. They conduct advanced presentation projects to check the potential of a student. The Medical Educational Unit of the college acts as a catalyst to the media centre.