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Do You want direct FCPS and CPS Admission 2024?

Well CPS Represents College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai.CPS is a Diploma course that involves the study of  PG Medical courses. We provide Direct and Confirmed FCPS and CPS admission 2024. The diploma course has a duration of two years. Basically, the course involves the specialization of medical branches after MBBS. The course is a total of 90% practical and 10% of theory. The people who are not eligible in Neet PG also can take admission in CPS and FCPS Courses. CPS is a PG Advance course training of advance medical profession and training. It has consideration and accreditation in certain territories of India, including government,semi-government, and Private medical hospitals. The main motto of providing CPS and FCPS courses is to provide Medical specialist doctors in rural and sub-urban areas of India. Due to a lack of MD, MS, DM, MCH doctors in India.CPS and FCPS Doctors are the core d0ctors who serve in this area. We provide Direct and Confirmed FCPS and CPS admission 2024.

Note: The CPS and FCPS Forms are available Right Now. It is mandatory for the doctors who are interested in CPS and FCPS Admission 2024 to fill the Form. We are providing the link of the official website of CPS and FCPS form here https://www.cpsmumbai.org/enrollment-process.

College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPS) of Mumbai is an examining body based in 1912 by Surgeon General Sir H. W. Stevenson for meritorious physicians of allopathy desirous to possess PG medical eligibility before rendering the health care services into the society.

CPS is one of the earliest Post-Graduate Medical educational establishments in India permitted to confer qualifications (LCPS, MCPS, Diplomas, FCPS) from Indian Medical Degree Act 1916. Get CPS Admission 2024. Hey You all can explore a new article on CPS Admission 2024.

CPS is an examining body according to Royal College of Surgeons of England and it’s similar to the National Board of Examination (Estd. By Act of Parliament, Govt. of India)

CPS is an autonomous body governed constitutionally by chosen 24 members (faculties of unique specialties) with strong democratic traditions. We provide Direct and Confirmed FCPS and CPS admission 2024.

What are the courses recognized by MCI for CPS Admission 2024?

Any Candidate who pursues these courses are eligible to practice all over India as per MCI Guidelines.

  • DCH
  • DPB
  • DGO
  • FCPS (Gynecology)
  • FCPS(Surgery)
  • FCPS (Medicine)
  • FCPS (Surgery)
  • FCPS (Dermat)
  • FCPS (Pathology)
  • MCPS

There are 10 fellowships and 39 Diploma program as of total in CPS. There are a total of 125 accredited medical institutions including government medical college, Semi-government, and Private Medical colleges that are eligible by the UGC Act to provide education of cps and fcps courses. Similarly, there 20 institutions in Gujarat accredited to provide medical education in cps and fcps streams. Get CPS Admission 2024.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria for FCPS and CPS Admission 2024?

  • The Basic eligibility criteria for FCPS and CPS Admission 2024 is that the candidate must have passed MBBS or other equivalent degree recognized Medical Council of India.
  • The student must get a Certificate of Eligibility from CPS at the time of enrolling in post-graduate courses (certificate course/ Diploma/ Fellowship) in CPS and FCPS Courses.
  • The eligibility certificate is not required for the students who have passed the MCPS Examination before 2009.

What are the top hospitals/ Colleges for CPS and FCPS Admissions 2024?

Fcps General medicine king Edward memorial hospital Pune
Cps Dgo Nowrosjee Wadia maternity hospital Mumbai
Fcps General surgery Grant medical foundation ruby hall clinic Pune
Fcps Dermat mgm Aurangabad
  1. King Edward Medical College (KEM Pune & Mumbai)
  2. Prince Ali Khan Mumbai.
  3. COOPER Hospital Mumbai.
  4. Ruby Hall clinic Pune ( Wadia Trust)
  5. Jupiter Mumbai.
  6. MGM Aurangabad
  7. Terna Medical College Mumbai.
  8.  Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital
  9. KJ Soumayia Mumbai
  10. KAMAT Hospital, Pune 

Getting Direct FCPS and CPS Admission 2024?

We provide Direct and Confirmed FCPS and CPS admission 2024.FCPS Courses have 10 modules or Specializations. These are fellowship programs under CPS. The modules are as follows:-

What are the FCPS Courses for admission in 2024?

  1. FCPS in Medicine.
  2. FCPS in ophthalmology.
  3. FCPS in Pathology.
  4. FCPS in Orthopaedics.
  5. FCPS in Midwifery and Gynecology.
  6. FCPS in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology.
  7. FCPS in Dermatology and Venerology.
  9. FCPS in Child health.
  10. FCPS in Anesthesiology.

We provide FCPS and CPS Admission 2024. There is a 41 diploma program, which is CPS courses. The Diploma course is of 2 years.

What are SPECIALIZATION FOR CPS Admission 2024?

  1. DOMS- Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery.
  2. DGO- Diploma in Gynic.
  3. DCH- Diploma in Child Health.
  4. DPB- Diploma in Pathology and Bacteriology.
  5. DVD- Diploma in Dermatology and Venereology.
  6. DA- Diploma in Anaesthesia.
  7. D.ortho-Diploma in Orthopaedics.
  8. DORLM- Diploma in ENT.
  9. DPM- Diploma in Psychological Medicine.
  10. DMRE- Diploma in Medical Radiology & Electrology.
  11. DEME- Diploma in Emergency Medicine Referral Links.
  12. DPURO- Diploma in Paediatrics Urology.
  13. DPGHN- Diploma in pediatric Gastroenterology, Haematology, and Nutrition.
  14. DLDNP- Diploma in Learning Disability and Neuron Developmental Pediatrics.
  15. DPNEP- Diploma in pediatric Nephrology.
  16. DNEO- Diploma in Neonatology.
  17. DPCARD- Diploma in pediatric Cardiology.
  18. DPNEU- Diploma in pediatric Neurology.
  19. DPICU- Diploma in pediatric Intensive Care.
  20. DPORTHO- Diploma in pediatric Orthopaedics.
  21. DHON- Diploma in Haematoid Oncology.
  22. DNEU- Diploma in Neurology.
  23. DNEP- Diploma in Nephrology.
  24. DIMM- Diploma in Immunology.
  25. DICU- Diploma in Intensive Care.
  26. DIART- Diploma in Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technique.
  27. Diploma in Urology.
  28. Diploma in Gynaecological Endoscopy.
  29. Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery.
  30. Diploma in Cardiology.
  31. Diploma in Medical Oncology.
  32. Diploma in Dialectology.
  33. Diploma in General Medicine.
  34. Diploma in General Surgery.
  35. Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Health.
  36. Diploma in Transfusion Medicine.
  37. Diploma in TB Chest.
  38. Diploma in public health.
  39. Diploma in family planning.
  40. Diploma in medical radiology.
  41. Diploma in ophthalmic medicine and surgery

what is the Process for CPS Admission 2024?

 The Form for CPS Admission can be filled here www.cpsmumbai.org.

The form with all the required documents has to be uploaded here. CPS AND FCPS Courses can be treated as a big alternative course to MD MS and PG Diploma courses.

  • Are the CPS and FCPS Courses Recognized?

Yes, The CPS and FCPS Courses are recognized by the ministry of family and welfare India as well as the Medical Council of India*. But the CPS and FCPS Courses are Not valid for Teaching Purposes.

  • Where can a CPS and FCPS Degree holder Work?

A person Holding the CPS or FCPS Degree can work anywhere in India and can Practice doctrine. The only restriction is that they can not Teach with cps and FCPS Degree.

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