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MBBS Admission in KJ Somaiya medical college and research centre

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MBBS Admission in KJ Somaiya medical college and research center


KJ Somaiya is one of the leading professional medical institution in the country. It has a higher standard when comes to spirituality, ethics and intelligence. The college is inspired by the principles and guidelines of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta. It aims to eliminate the suffering, pain and disease of all the human being. The institution looks for the students who will also understand and stand by the principal to become a generous professional. The institution provides on and off campus treatment will all the possibilities. It include all the alternative medical treatment like sports, yoga, allopathy and arurveda. The city is located in the heart of the city Mumbai. It is owned and managed by the Somaiya Medical Trust and is situated in Ayurvihar complex. It has a good number of experienced teaching faculty and doctors working in 21 well equipped departments. The college is reaching a deserving height and look forward to set a benchmark for future. The sanctioned intake of seats in MBBS, MS, MD in paedratrics and MD in Anatomy are 2 respectively. Hence it’s among the best career choices a student can make.